What Have You Unlearned Lately?

The times, they are a’changin! There’s an election upcoming and the young’uns in this country are not happy with the way government works—or doesn’t work. They’re even more upset with big corporations.

Dictatorship after dictatorship is falling to democracy faster than at any time in history.

In suppressed regimes around the world, women are battling for their rights with a sense that ever-elusive victory is now within their grasp.

Bottom line – Doing things the same way is no longer acceptable. People are seeking new ways of doing business—ways that don’t hurt others, the environment, the fragile global economy or the poor.

Why now? Cosmic transformation? Is it the passing from the zodiac Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius? Whatever it is, for us to thrive we must unlearn much of what has become part of our DNA.

Unlearning is a conscious mode of new thinking, an open mindedness, a willingness to listen, a creative perspective that allows us to look at issues and problems in a new way.

And it all starts with us as individuals. When we change what we can control—ourselves—there is a direct correlation to those around us, which in turn will effect change in the world on a larger and larger scale.

As creatives, those who craft messages with pictures and words that reflect society, we may be ahead of most in our unlearning ability.

Great design is the result of a lot of gooey, intangible, emotional feelings and instincts. It also results from the synthesis of data, facts and information.

Today, we need only listen to what is being said in the world around us, and like it or not; we must take our lead from what we see and hear.

We are all unlearning much of what we’ve learned, and as creatives and marketers we must commit ourselves to always think differently about problems and finding solutions.

– Dave Kuettel, President/CEO GEM Minneapolis

Dave Kuettel

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